develop<HER> 2023

What is develop<HER>?

A tech event series from OTTO. We’re driving diversity and equal opportunities. The develop<HER> empowers professional flinta* in IT, providing a platform to exchange insights and learn from each other’s journeys and experiences.

Why should you attend?

Do you work in tech or are you passionate about tech topics? Would you like to take your IT skills to its next level and discover how we work in our tech teams at OTTO and the Otto Group? Then you’ve come to the right spot!

What can you look forward to?

The next and eighth develop<HER> will take place on 29.11.2023 – 100% remote! So you can join the event digitally from anywhere. 

We have put together a great programme for you: We will start with an interactive session for all participants and from 10 am you can take part in a total of 10 different tech sessions throughout the day. You can expect exciting impulses from IT experts from OTTO and the entire Otto Group.

You will also have the opportunity to talk to colleagues from the HR department in an open Q&A session and to network and exchange ideas directly with each other in a community session. We are sure that there will be plenty for everyone and wish you lots of fun learning, exchanging ideas and networking!

develop<HER> Start the day with us


Interactive Welcoming

develop<HER> Sessions in the first half of the day

Ana Moreno Domínguez

Helping Generative AI Understand Humans

Mona Degeling

When I grow up I wanna be a DevOps Engineer - an introduction to Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and Kubernetes

Getting away from Kubernetes - A migration journey from EKS to ECS

Tasmin Krugmann, Charlotte Grewe

Architecture of Data Science Products on GCP at bonprix

develop<HER> Sessions in the second half of the day

The journey to the GenBI

Cultivating Technical Writing

Hannah Wilkens, Wibke Nagel

Cracking the Code: OTTO's Tech Recruitment FAQs

GenAI-Powered Inclusivity: DIY Gender-Equal Storytelling Chatbot

MLOps Symphony: An introduction to ML Systems Orchestration using Airflow

Community Networking - Let´s get to know each other

Friederike Baldauf

From Business Psychology to Data Product Ownership@OTTO BI

From Frontend to Backend - My journey from OTTO eCommerce to OTTO IT

develop<HER> Let the day end with us


Interactive wrap up