Women in MINT 2024

What is Women in MINT?

A tech event series from ROSSMANN, Bosch, developHER, Siemens & OTTO. We’re driving diversity and equal opportunities. The Women in MINT empowers professional women* in IT, providing a platform to exchange insights and learn from each other’s journeys and experiences.

Why should you participate?

Do you work in tech or are you passionate about tech topics? Would you like to take your IT skills to its next level and discover how we all work in our tech teams? Then you’ve come to the right spot!

When does the event take place?

You’re invited to be part of our third Women in MINT event, set to unfold digitally on April 24th and 25th, 2024. So you can join the event digitally from anywhere. 

What can I look forward to and how can I register?

Join us for an enriching experience as we kick off with a thought-provoking panel discussion on „Allyship“ featuring representatives from each participating company. Following this, immerse yourself in two days of engaging sessions led by colleagues from all four companies. Moreover, we have lined up insightful presentations by external experts covering a diverse range of tech topics. Each company will also host an HR session, providing you with the opportunity to ask questions directly about the company and its application process. With around 50 diverse sessions packed into two days, there’s something for everyone to explore.

Are you ready to embark on an inspiring journey into the world of tech? Then don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your horizons and connect with like-minded professionals. 

Sessions 24th of April between 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Ksenija Jalzabetic

Welcome - Start the day with us

Panel Women in MINT

Panel: Allyship

Ana Moreno Domínguez

Green Intelligence: AI for Corporate Responsibility

Stronger together – how to lead digital transformation?

Complementary Tracks, Shared Destination: Our Dual Perspective on Tech and Innovation

Lena Eckroth

Künstliche Intelligenz bei ROSSMANN

Sven Finke

Getting Away From Kubernetes - A migration journey from EKS to ECS

Anna Miller & Fabiana Decortes

Your personal brand as your (career) compass

Bettina Haas

Flexible Working as Co-Head of Siemens Cybersecurity Detection

Josi Schlichting

Ways of working @ ROSSMANN IT

Hannah Elisa Wilkens

Cracking the Code: OTTO's Tech Recruitment FAQs

Luisa Albert

Is engineering a social profession?

Marta Arce de la Torre

What is the role of a Security Champion?

Women in MINT

We wish you lots of fun in all sessions! #womeninmint24 #womenintech

Falk Woldmann und Benedict Steinhoff

Die Wahrheit über Software-Entwickler*innen

Ela Taube und Claudia Schmidt

IT Sustainability – Can we change the world with digital?

Dr. Sylvia Endres & Dr. Ulrike Dowie

The power of GenAI @ Siemens

Alexandra Hundertmark & Alina Köster

ROSSMANN-Lernkultur: IT4IT

Anika Hamester und Johanna Hinz

How we ended up in MINT - es läuft nicht immer wie geplant!

Jobsharing as key to push your career in part-time

Veronika Hey

Ask-Me-Anything: Einstiegsmöglichkeiten und Karriereentwicklung bei Siemens

Rilana Lührig

ROSSMANN's ERP blueprint for a successful international expansion

Katrin Wellmann

Guest Talk: Leadership Peers - supporting each other as Women in Tech

Nicole Wolf

Guest Talk: Digitalisierung und Nachhaltigkeit systematisch zusammen denken

Jingjing Sun

Guest Talk: How do I become a Systems Engineer?

Leveraging the potential of GenAI at Bosch

Ksenija Jalzabetic

Let the day end with us!

Women in MINT

We wish you lots of fun in all sessions! #womeninmint24 #womenintech

Sessions 25th of April between 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Ksenija Jalzabetic

Welcome - Start the day with us!

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Dr. Dilara Yesilbas

Guest Talk: Unlocking Artificial Intelligence: From Buzzwords to Hands-On Solutions


Annabelle J. Weber

Tell the IT Value Story from the Perspective of the Audience

Lena Christina Rybak

Barrierefreies Webdesign & Webentwicklung

Kathleen Ehrhardt

Transformation der OTTO Campus IT: Meine Rolle als Product Owner

Als Transfrau in einer Männerwelt - eine Reise voller Überraschungen

My life with the alpha males or the book I’ve always wanted to write

Kristina Könemann & Katrin Meyer

Von der Idee zur Implementierung: Wie kommt ein neues Feature in die ROSSMANN App?

Asmaa Hechenberger

From the Egyptian Bricks to the Pyramid of Data Needs

Stefanie Bergner

Wie ich bei Bosch Smart Home das Zuhause der Zukunft mitgestalte

Natalie Reiser

Beyond Bytes: Growing Tomorrow's IT talents in Siemens

Christina Eckel & Hannes Schröter

IT-Recruiting @ROSSMANN - Der Bewerbungsprozess von morgen

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Aleksandra Kornivetc

Transforming Career Trajectories: From Manager to Data Scientist with Insights into Chat Development

Anne Fischer

The people factor

Aneinander vorbeireden leichtgemacht - Vertikale und horizontale Kommunikationssysteme

Dr. Alina Baltus

Prejudices disentangled from a neurobiological perspective: Why women don't choose a career in technology (and men don't want to work with people)

Prompt Your Future In MINT- Prompting Strategies For Text-Generation In Theory And Practice

Guest Talk: Wie schaffe ich den Wechsel vom Data Analyst zum Analytics Manager?

Ksenija Jalzabetic

Let the day end with us!